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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: Profile Activation Help?
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 00:02:59 GMT
You may be walking into a trap in a multi-module project. It is my
strong impression that activation decisions are not made
module-by-module in the reactor, but only once. When I tried what you
tried I found that, since the top-level project with the modules in it
didn't have the file, the profile was never active when running maven
from top-level.

On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 3:28 PM, David C. Hicks<> wrote:
> I must have been blind when reading through my MDG last night.  I found
> what I believe will be my solution.
>    <activation>
>       <file>
>          <exists>src/changes/changes.xml</exists>
>       </file>
>    </activation>
> Since this is the only module that will have a changes.xml file, this
> should do the trick for me.  I thought I'd share what I found for posterity.
> Dave
> David C. Hicks wrote:
>> I'm trying to get a profile to activate for my parent project but not
>> for the children.  Unfortunately, the children inherit from the parent
>> to get dependency information.  So, they also inherit everything else.
>> My solution (or so I thought) was to use the project.artifactId property
>> in my activation section...
>>                 <activation>
>>                     <activeByDefault>false</activeByDefault>
>>                     <property>
>>                         <name>project.artifactId</name>
>>                         <value>salient</value>
>>                     </property>
>>                 </activation>
>> Since only the parent project has this artifact Id, I assumed that it
>> would activate only for the parent.  However, there was no activation of
>> this profile at all.
>> My overall goal is to try to get the maven-changes-plugin to do an
>> announcement email using changes.xml in the parent project.  I do not
>> want announcements for all of the children, though.
>> Any help?
>> Thanks,
>> Dave
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