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From Lee Meador <>
Subject Re: how is hudson's "maven generated site" link intended to work for multi-module maven builds?
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2009 23:05:30 GMT
Is there a Hudson plugin to add a random link to the Hudson screens? If so
you can point it to the base of whereever you deploy the site. Just remember
to use that link instead of the one Hudson calls "site".

-- Lee

On Tue, May 26, 2009 at 3:10 PM, B Smith-Mannschott

> I'm sending this missive to user's lists of both hudson and maven
> because it concerns using these two tools together, and I'll need help
> from both parties to make this work.
> Rather than separately site-deploying the sites of the 30 or so maven
> projects hudson is building for me at work, I've decided to take
> advantage of hudson's handy "maven generated site" link. (Now that it
> works again!)
> This works quite well for single-module maven builds.
> Multi-module builds, not so much.
> I have a few multi-module maven projects at work, and here are the
> problems:
> (1) Hudson's "maven generated site" link links to one of the
> sub-modules instead of linking to the site of the multi-module pom
> project at the root of the defined working copy.
> (2) Even if it *did* link to the correct project, instead of some
> random sub-project, it wouldn't work since links to sub-modules are
> broken.
> (3) Links to sub-modules are broken. They expect to find in
> target/site/submodule, what is in fact in submodule/target/site.
> (4) Links to sub-modules are not even generated unless it happens that
> the multi-module pom project is also the <parent> of each of the
> submodules. Why this is, is anyone's guess.
> (5) They will work, if the site is deployed, but then <url> must be
> defined correctly.
> (6) One thing that works, but is ugly is:
> <url>${groupId}/${artifactId}<$%7BgroupId%7D/$%7BartifactId%7D></url>
> in the
> parent/multi-module pom. The children end up all installing to
> ,
> which is just kind of gross, instead of
> ttp://${groupId}/${parent.artifactId}/${project.artifactId}<$%7BgroupId%7D/$%7Bparent.artifactId%7D/$%7Bproject.artifactId%7D>
> ,
> but I guess that's an effect of the ${} expansion being after, not
> before inheritance is performed.
> But, if I deploy the site, I need to separately maintain a page of
> links to those sites, since Hudson's "maven generated site" link does
> not go there, it goes to target/site. I also have a whole separate set
> of URLs to manage, to advertise to my users and to clean up when I
> remove corresponding build jobs. Messy.
> I'm trying to simplify my life, not complicated it.
> Is there some way I can get my multi-module projects to produce a site
> which is accessible through hudson and which makes submodules
> available? Alternately, perhaps it would be possible to somehow
> intelligently combine the project reports from the various submodules
> and merge them all into the site of the multi-module build.
> I've reached the point now where I'm tempted to just break out beat
> the problem into submission with a generous helping of shell
> scripting, but that doesn't seem very 'mavenesque'.
> Has anyone out there already solved this, or a similar problem?
> // Ben
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-- Lee Meador
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