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From Paul Giblock <>
Subject Question on buildnumber-maven-plugin and inherited properties
Date Mon, 29 Jun 2009 14:12:29 GMT
Hello everyone,

I have been a Maven user for a few months now.  I haven't tried to do anything 
out of the ordinary.  So far our setup is basic, a parent-pom and 7 sub-

We've recently realized the need to add buildNumbers (from Subversion) to our 
builds.  Unfortunately, this does us very little good in the parent POM. what 
we need is for the buildNumber property be be inherited by the sub-projects, 
or propagated to the sub-projects for that matter.

I realize we could include the plugin on all 8 of our poms, but this is 
unclean.  Additionally, it will require the duplication of the <scm> entity, 
which my fall out-of-date when it changes in the future. Also, it would cause 
`svn info` to be invoked 8 times per build.

The question is:  How can I "pass" the buildNumber property from the parent to 
the children?  There must be a way to do this.  

I've looked over the Maven documention but there isn't much content (I could 
swear you guys used to have a Wiki, but all I see under "Documentation" is 
"Project Information" and "Project Reports".  There is also an example on 
"Configuring Describe Goal"

Thank you.

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