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From "EJ Ciramella" <>
Subject RE: <resources> versus <assembly>
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 17:09:27 GMT
No, the war file stays the same, the configuration files we need for the
different environments (OTAP) are inside the tar.gz file.

EJC >> This is where I'm getting hung up - if you have MANY
environments, and your tar.gz takes as long as 1 hour to build, why
bundle something as small as configuration inside this particular zip?
Why not keep it external?  Also, if you're talking about property files
used by your application, why not just have a property file with tokens
in them, replaced during deployment?

So, the war deployed to each environment is the same, the property files
differ, but are still in our version system and delivered for each

EJC >> Sure, but if there are configuration changes that need to happen
within the web.xml, what then?

I guess we have a bit of misunderstanding. We don't unpack the war file,
we pack the war file with a bunch of other files we have to deliver to
the administrators. The war file stays the same for all environments.

EJC >> You don't, but we'd have to.  Depending on env we deploy to,
different servlets are either active or not.

We don't duplicate resource copying, they are different resources.

EJC >> Correct, you probably don't, but you could and instead of having
various things in your target directory (like your classes, a scripts
directory, etc) you could have a directory that represents the final
gzip file - all pulled together via assembly:directory (which would
process your files accordingly).

Anyone else have any suggestions as to when/why use <resources> versus
an assembly descriptor?

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