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From Brian Fox <>
Subject Re: Maven password encryption and usage in a CI server
Date Tue, 05 May 2009 13:16:23 GMT
You are correct. If someone is able to read the maven code and find the 
default password, decrypt the master password, then they could decrypt 
the user password. It's also decrypted "on the wire" if you aren't using 
https with your repos. The trick with a build server is to make a 
special account for that system, the real danger comes when you use a 
corporate password and someone gets that.

If you have real concerns about the build server, don't give people 
permissions to change the jobs and then it will be harder for them to 
get at these files.

Olivier Dehon wrote:
> Hi,
> I was reading about the recent enhancements to the management of server
> passwords in settings.xml at
> A few questions arose around the actual security provided by these
> enhancements in the context of a build/CI server.
> Agreed, this is an enhancement over passwords in clear text in
> settings.xml, where any developer can run the help:effective-settings
> goal in a custom build definition to gain access to the passwords
> configured there on the server.
> But can it be considered a safe protection in the context of a build
> server? For instance, what prevents a developer from running a build
> definition that runs a command through the exec or antrun plugin that
> outputs the content of the settings-security.xml, thereby compromising
> the encryption?
> Unless I miss the obvious (or the less obvious) I am under the
> impression that this enhancement makes it harder to get to the
> passwords, but does not make it impossible (and maybe this was never the
> goal).
> Thank you in advance for your insights/pointers.
> -Olivier
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