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From John Casey <>
Subject [PLEASE TEST] Maven 2.2.0-RC1
Date Fri, 01 May 2009 22:11:52 GMT
Hi everyone,

It's that time again. For the 2.2.0 release of Maven, we're trying to 
keep the number of issues fairly limited to regressions, issues with 
quite a few votes that are low-hanging fruit, and some sort of 
"strategic" issues. We're moving Maven to JDK 1.5 with this release, 
though the entire API has not yet been generified.

We've resolved 15 issues (one is still open, waiting for me to finalize 
the associated site docs). The full listing is at the bottom of this 
message, and the link to the release notes is:

You can find the RC1 staging artifacts here:

...and the binary/source distribution archives here:

Please note that Maven 2.2.0 will require JDK 1.5 to run, so take this 
into consideration when testing.

If you come across any problems, please file an issue in:

and set Affects-Version == 2.2.0.



John Casey
Developer and PMC Member, Apache Maven (
Member, Apache Software Foundation

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing."

Release Notes:


Release Notes - Maven 2 - Version 2.2.0

** Sub-task
     * [MNG-4144] - document escape character for curly braces in 
clear-text passwords for settings.xml password security
     * [MNG-4145] - switch to released versions of plexus-sec-dispatcher 
(and by ext. plexus-cipher) once they're available

** Bug
     * [MNG-3553] - cannot resolve dependency with scope import
     * [MNG-3776] - Namespace misspelled in settings.xml
     * [MNG-4074] - cyclic reference with 2.1.0-RC1 that doesn't occur 
with 2.0.10
     * [MNG-4082] - Encryption is triggered if passwords merely contain 
curly braces
     * [MNG-4126] - [regression] Properties defined in profiles.xml of 
parent are not inherited during multimodule build
     * [MNG-4137] - NPE in DefaultLIfecycleExecutor when run from within 
Hudson builds
     * [MNG-4140] - Properties incorrectly replaced in pom
     * [MNG-4146] - password security doesn't work with custom password 
     * [MNG-4147] - very long passwords cause LightweightHTTP wagon to 
line-wrap the Base64-encoded Authorization header

** Improvement
     * [MNG-2979] - Cross module dependencies for multi-module site
     * [MNG-3834] - Improve error message when dependency with 
classifier is missing version

** Task
     * [MNG-4143] - Update Java requirement to 1.5

** Wish
     * [MNG-4139] - avoid the schema location in generated 

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