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From Paul MERLIN <>
Subject [release/scm] Can system locale change release:prepare behavior ?
Date Tue, 05 May 2009 07:16:21 GMT

I posted this one to dev@ by mistake, here it is again to users@.

I'm facing weird problems with the maven-release-plugin and friends.
I use maven-release-plugin-2.0-beta-9 and get the same results with either 
maven 2.1.0 or 2.2.0-RC1.
I tried with two subversion clients with the same results too : 1.4.6 and 

I'm issuing the following instruction :

mvn -B clean release:prepare -DreleaseVersion=0.4.0 -

I'm getting the following error (full execution log is attached to this 

[INFO] Unable to tag SCM
Provider message:
The svn tag command failed.
Command output:
svn: Impossible de trouver la localisation dans le dépôt de 
'svn://' pour la révision 0

So, a little bit upset I tried bizarre things and found something interesting, 
IOW: back to roots :)

My default locale is fr_FR.UTF-8, if I use LC_ALL as C or en_US.UTF-8 
everything is working as expected !!

What do you think ?


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