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From j_ri <>
Subject Re: Slow maven compile after upgrading JDK from 1.5 to 1.6
Date Wed, 27 May 2009 12:45:25 GMT

finally we found the cause of the issue.

javac of 1.6 doesn't ignore the class-path entries in the manifest file of
the JARs in the classpath as 1.5 did.
As all of our jars have configured

There are a lot of dependencies in the "search path for class files" of the
compiler which are nor really there.
If maven passes
"c:\Daten\repository\commons-lang\commons-lang\2.3\commons-lang-2.3.jar" as
command line option to the compiler
and the manifest Class-Path of another JAr in my classpath contains the
relative path "lib/commons-lang-2.3.jar"
then the compiler resolves this to "<project
directory>/lib/commons-lang-2.3.jar" and additionally adds that to the
"search path for class files" of javac.

So this search path suddenly contained 500 paths to jar files, instead of
the 56 passed by maven

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