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Subject Re: maven-compiler-plugin resources not in classpath
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 13:13:06 GMT
Hi David,

If I understand the problem correctly, it will be solved by excluding
META-INF/services/javax.annotation.processing.Processor file from your
module resources (thereby preventing it from being put into the
classpath). Please read for
more information on how to do that.

Good luck,

On Mon, Apr 6, 2009 at 5:47 AM, David Goodenough
<> wrote:
> I am trying to use maven to compile a java annotation processor.
> When you build a jar which contains an annotation processor you can put
> a file (META-INF/services/javax.annotation.processing.Processor) which
> contains one line per annotation processor.  With this file in place you
> then only have to include the jar in the javac classpath to get it to
> process annotations, you do not have to mention it on the command line.
> Unforunately if you build your pom.xml to include this file under the
> resources tag, it gets included in the classpath, and then the compiler
> complains that the annotation processor it is compiling (the one mentioned
> in the file) does not exist, so it can not run it as an annotation processor
> so the compilation fails.  So what I need is a means to add the file to the
> jar without adding it to the compiler classpath.
> Anyone got any suggestions.
> David

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