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From "Todd Thiessen" <>
Subject Using release plugin to build scm project
Date Thu, 02 Apr 2009 21:50:14 GMT
I made a change to the scm project to fix a bug that was bugging me.
Built the 1.3-SNAPSHOT version of the latest SCM plugin, tested it, and
it works fine.

Now I want to do a formal release of my own personalized version of the

The release:prepare fails because of missing dependencies between
modules. The only solution I know of is to add the install goal to the
preperationGoals configuration. But I am sure Oliver didn't have to do
this when he cut the latest release of this project not too long ago (or
maybe he did ;-)).

I just don't know what it is about the release plugin which causes it to
fail. Individuals on this list have made clear claims that you should
NOT have to do an install when you have module dependencies. Any
thoughts or discussion here would be very much appreciated.

The build fails on the maven-scm-plugin project (which is a module of
the scm project itself. Here is a snippet.

[INFO] [INFO] Failed to resolve artifact.
[INFO] Missing:
[INFO] ----------
[INFO] 1)
[INFO]   Path to dependency:
[INFO]          1)
[INFO]          2)
[INFO] ----------
[INFO] 1 required artifact is missing.
[INFO] for artifact:
[INFO] from the specified remote repositories:
[INFO]   nexus (

Todd Thiessen

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