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From Olivier Cailloux <>
Subject Re: Best practices for avoiding duplicate configuration files
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2009 14:00:19 GMT
Ceki Gulcu a écrit :
> Olivier,
> Since projects A and B seem to be just artifacts, I am still wondering
> why projects A and B need a configuration file for logging. If it is
> for testing purposes, why not use logback-text.xml and place it under
> /src/test/resources/ directory?
Indeed, it appears to me now that I was mixing two different purposes 
for my projects A and B: they aim to produce a usable library (reusable 
components for developers) AND they are providing some simple main class 
and launcher to enable direct, simple usage for a non-developer 
end-user. I guess I should separate these two concerns and develop
1) a project intended as a library, with the logging component and 
config files only in the "test" scope (and no need to include the 
launcher here)
2) a project intended for use by the end-user, dependant on the above 
library, and with the logging component provided at runtime.

That might suffice to solve most of my problems of duplicate config 
files which were due to this mixing of concern in my mind. Anyway, my 
questions were more general than to be applied only on my current 
projects, so it was very useful to be able to think about other solutions.

(Off-topic again, I must say I appreciate very much slf4j and 
logback-classic, and the "complain" of logback has not been annoying to 
me but rather useful as it allowed me to take note of an incorrect 
design in my projects.)

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