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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: LATEST and RELEASE release version management
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 16:05:16 GMT
Hayes, Peter wrote:

> We use Maven in an enterprise environment and internally we are required
> to execute "release" builds whenever we want to install to our testing
> environment.  We have found that executing many release builds can be
> tedious when we have in-development snapshot dependencies that also have
> to be released.  We don't mind doing the releases, but the manual
> version update -- release -- revert version cycle is a chore.
> I was hoping that Maven could simplify this by allowing a project to
> declare a dependency on LATEST or 1.0-LATEST and have the maven release
> plugin resolve this to the actual latest released version available in
> the repository.  The subsequent fully resolved pom would then be
> uploaded to the internal repository and the pom left in source control
> still references LATEST.  
> Does maven already support something like this or would others find this
> useful?

Having a LATEST concept would be very useful for something like
continuous integration builds, where the desire is for a project to
depend on the latest version of another project (release or snapshot),
rather than a specific version of another project, so that you can see
what errors have been introduced or that should be allowed for.

Having said that, it makes no sense to have the release plugin care
about LATEST, because by definition, building against LATEST isn't
repeatable, and in order for there to be a release, you need the build
to be repeatable.


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