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From "Todd Thiessen" <>
Subject RE: release:prepare cannot find artifacts
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2009 13:40:40 GMT
> I'd say it "works as designed". I think the reasoning behind 
> not running the install goal by default is that at the time 
> that version isn't released yet, so it shouldn't be installed 
> (the release may fail later, which would incorrectly leave 
> artifacts with that version in your local repository).
> It'll work if you use straight-up reactor dependencies, but 
> will fail for example if you use dependency:copy somewhere in 
> the same build (in which case you need to add install as a 
> preparationGoal).
> Kalle

I don't understand this. If your multi-module project has dependencies
between modules, which is often the case, how can you prepare a release
without doing an install?

Wendy even mentioned that it isn't "desirable" to do an install during a
prepare. I would really like to understand why. I don't see the above
explanation as making a whole lot of sense.

Perhaps you guys are suggesting that multi-module projects shouldn't
have peer dependencies?

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