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From Merv Green <>
Subject Re: error using custom achetype catalog within m2eclipse plugin
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 06:07:49 GMT
M2eclipse lists everything from the catalog, but cannot generate the 
corresponding projects unless the Nexus indexer also finds the 
archetypes. Manually updating the local index from Eclipse's 'Nexus 
Indexes view' lets m2e use them.

This comes with the inconvenience that m2e fails to release its grip on 
the archetype jar in the local repo. If I install foo-archetype via CLI, 
then update my local index, then generate son-of-foo via m2e, then 
reinstall foo-archetype, then generate spawn-of-foo, m2e chokes. During 
kludgy manual install-test-fix-install cycles, this could get annoying.

Kludgier workaround: Test the archetype-under-development from the 
command line. Once deployed to a remote repository, Eclipse will find 
it, assuming m2eclipse downloads that repository's index.

Soap Box: Prefer a real template mechanism to Maven archetypes.

Mick Knutson wrote:
> I created an archetype and a local catalog as per:
> But when I am in the M2Eclipse plugin, after running through the New Maven
> Project, using this archetype I get this error:
> *Unable to create project from archetype
> [ -> null]
> The desired archetype does not exist
> (*

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