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From Henrique Prange <>
Subject Deploying "Fake" Releases
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2009 15:10:49 GMT
Hello there,

Is there a way to deploy "fake" releases of a project into a repository?

I need to make releases based on the SCM revision periodically. 
Something like "my-project-1.0-rXXXX". But I can't make real releases 
because I don't have privilege to write to the SCM.

I tried the buildnumber-maven-plugin, which works for the binary 
artifacts produced. But it doesn't work for parent pom artifacts. This 
is a problem in a multi-project because an artifact my-project-1.0-rXXXX 
will depend on a parent pom my-parent-1.0-SNAPSHOT instead of 

I also took a look at the release:stage goal, but it doesn't seem to 
solve my problem.

I appreciate any advice on this subject.



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