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From alfonz19 <>
Subject Re: super-beginner question - fail to properly package maven project.
Date Tue, 24 Mar 2009 14:50:02 GMT

thanks a lot, I'll try it. But let me ask some more (ok, I know that I'm so

I've started out with premise, that guy responsible for building apps and so
on in our firm knows, what is he doing. False. So let me ask once more, for
more generic question.

We have here few packages. It's some .jar (with session beans), some .wars.
I can declare dependencies, that's no problem. So let's assume, that I need
to work on some .jar and test it, so I need another .jars (which I didn't
modify), some .wars, then I need to build them into .ear and deploy it into
my local AS.

I've tried to create my own maven project in NB with JEE 5 EAR archetype.
Added dependency to single .jar (with some session beans). It get included
in libs folder, build was ok, .ear deployed ok into jboss but when I check
jmx console there are no session beans loaded even if I can see that ear to
be uploaded in NB in services pane under jboss node. So ear was uploaded
without error, but that .jar library (which is included in ear) was not (and
no error was printed). Moreover even if it is ear, there still are no
libraries that .jar said is dependant on.

So what steps would you take to create, build and deploy such application
with maven? For simplicity let's assume, that I've got single .war and
single .jar with some dependencies and want to produce .ear which I can
later deploy on server. I would also want, that those libraries gets
packaged into either ear or jar, since it's (I think) nonsense to deploy
them to server by hand. Is it a good approach or is there a better way how
to do it? I'm sorry that I keep asking, but I have a lot of duty to do and
on top of them I have to fix why configuration some guy have written does
not work, while I do not know almost anything about maven ...
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