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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject Where script resources belong
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2009 20:52:35 GMT
What is the general Maven view on where resources like launcher shell 
scripts and properties files belong vis-a-vis Maven and Eclipse?

Our application is structurally a web app although it is not primarily 
served over the Web.  It runs under Tomcat, so that a minor use case, 
implemented in terms of servlets, can be handled, although the bulk of 
interactions with the application do not come through http.  Because of 
this, we make little distinction between the Web Application and Tomcat 
itself.  No other web apps run on this Tomcat instance and we start and 
stop it by starting and stopping Tomcat, using a commons-daemon shell 
script, so that the application restarts whenever the server might be 
rebooted, and so it can also be started and stopped manually.  Many 
configuration parameters and system properties essential for running 
this application are defined in this script, as well as a mechanism that 
determines which configuration to launch (dev, test, production) based 
on the uname of the server.  Thus there is one launch script that works 
on all tiers.

This shell script should live, in the Maven/Eclipse view, where?  
Presently it lives in the Web App project in a non-standard directory 
that does not get deployed inside the war file that is generated from 
the Web App project.  It lives there for conceptual reasons, although 
its route to deployment is entirely different and manual.  Surely, where 
it lives is not the right place, but what is?  In a separate 
Eclipse/Maven project?

A similar question arises with properties files.  They are deployed 
outside the war, but need to get deployed manually to directories known 
by code in the war.

Is there a "maven way" to handle such chicken-egg anomalies?

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