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From Lesaint S├ębastien <>
Subject Does having a parent POM mean the current POM is a module ? (or a possible release plugin issue)
Date Tue, 27 Jan 2009 14:01:02 GMT

I want to use a parent POM as a way to easily give some organisation specific information
to the new projects in our company or the old one being mavenized.

I don't want to declare all the projects of my company as being a module of this parent POM.
It doesn't make much sense. So the parent POM has no <modules> tag.

When using the release plugin, though, I realized it is considering the project having a parent
POM as a module (therefore adding the module name to the SCM string).

So, I am wondering:
 - does having a parent POM make the current POM a module ?
 - If so, how can I implement this organisation POM stuff I need ?
 - If not, is there something wrong with the way I use the release plugin or is there an option
to avoid the SCM string problem ?

Thanks for any insight on this matter,

S├ębastien Lesaint

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