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From Scott Eade <>
Subject eclipse:eclipse vs. resources:resources and source folders on build path
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2008 13:06:33 GMT
I'm going to try and be brief...
Maven version: 2.0.9
Java version: 1.6.0_10
OS name: "windows xp" version: "5.1" arch: "x86" Family: "windows"

I use the tomcat-maven-plugin to run my application in-place (mvn 

I have a bunch of resources I need to filter so I have:
              <!-- etc. -->
Note how the target path is in the src tree - I have a bunch of 
non-filtered resources that exist in that directory.

If I update my eclipse configuration (mvn eclipse:eclipse) the directory 
src/main/config is added as a Source folder on the build path, and hence 
any subsequent change to my build path (manually adding a jar or running 
mvn eclipse:eclipse again) results in the target path (src/main/webapp) 
being erased, complete with a couple of thousand files, potentially with 
local changes.

So why does eclipse:eclipse add this directory as a source path?  Is 
there a way of stopping this from being added?  Alternatively, is there 
a way to tell eclipse to not delete the contents of this location when a 
rebuild is necessary?  If neither of these things are possible I guess I 
will need to somehow restructure my project, but it is not obvious how I 
will be able to do so while maintaining the
benefit of being ale to run tomcat in-place.

Does anyone have some answers or advice on a path forwards?



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