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From "David C. Hicks" <>
Subject Re: Could anyone give me some idea what is the difference bwteen ant and maven?
Date Fri, 24 Oct 2008 19:40:40 GMT
I would suggest you do a Google search using "ant maven compare" and 
choose any one of the myriad links that appear.  Some will be slanted 
one way or the other.

Neither Ant nor Maven are "languages" in the traditional sense.  They 
could be considered DSL's (domain specific languages) whose purpose is 
to configure and execute the building of software and/or related tasks.  
That's pretty much where the similarities end, IMO.


dr2238 wrote:
>               I have knowledge on ant, but doesn't have any knowledge on
> maven.   I heard other say ant is kind of procedural language , while maven
> is an objected oriented language.
> Is that true?   Could anyone explain it to me a little bit?    It would be
> great if you can show me some small examples to let me understand what is
> the difference between them.
> thanks a lot for your help
> Daniel

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