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From Tobias Gierke <>
Subject Re: javadoc plugin fails during mvn release:perform ?
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2008 15:53:40 GMT

First of all, thanks Brad for your elaborate answer !
> Some more details about your project would probably help. 
The mentioned multi-module project is part of a really large system with 
more than 100 different modules/projects. We're currently performing a 
major POM clean-up / refactoring so dependencies are in a state of flux 
right now. One of the major changes to the parent POM is getting rid of 
all ${version.MODULEXYZ} properties we've used so far and replacing them 
with proper <dependencyManagement/> entries.

> Do your missing symbols happen to be related to types created by source
> code generation?
No, the missing symbols come from another in-house project. I think the 
bug is somehow related to our use of <dependencyManagement/> since it 
did not occur until we got rid of the version properties in the parent POM.

module B ---->  module A
 ^                 ^
 |                 |
      module C (this is the module that breaks while generating javadocs)

All modules inherit from a common parent POM , versions of dependencies 
for modules A / B / C are declared inside the parent's 
<dependencyManagement/> section. When running 'mvn release:perform' for 
module C the javadoc-plugin fails because some symbol from module B is 
missing. I just double-checked the pom.xml of module C , both module A 
and module B are properly listed as dependencies there (and obviously 
are on the classpath during the 'compile' phase, otherwise the build 
would fail earlier).

As a 'work-around' , we've completely removed the javadoc plugin from 
the parent POM's <reporting/> section for now ...



> I had run into a similar problem with one of my builds a couple months
> ago, so let me share what I found. 
> I had a multi-module project which used the XMLBeans Maven Plugin to
> generate some code from XML Schema files. I had the plugin defined in
> the module POM and had it configured to use JDK 1.5, which means amongst
> other things, that it creates get*List() methods in addition to
> get*Array() methods. The reactor project built fine, and I was able to
> successfully run site:site. After successfully running release:prepare,
> I tried release:perform, and all of a sudden the build failed with an
> error like:
> cannot find symbol
> symbol  : method getPropertyList()
> location: interface
> I investigated this and found that the problem was that the XMLBeans
> Maven Plugin was being run multiple times during a reactor build, and
> during the site generation process it was being re-run but without the
> proper plugin configuration (specifically javaSource = 1.5 was not set).
> As a result, the get*List() versions of the methods were not being
> generated and the build failed. 
> I tried several things to resolve this issue. I found that the only
> solution for me was to ´╗┐move the plugin configuration into the
> <pluginManagement> section of the root POM to insure that the
> configuration was always available, since for some unknown reason it
> was ´╗┐sometimes being omitted during a reactor build. This approach
> "resolved" the issue for me.
> I am not sure if this will help you at all, but I thought I would share
> in case you do have a similar configuration, or at least it may give you
> some ideas.
> I *think* this may be related to
>, but I am not sure.
> Good luck!
> ~Brad
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> From: Tobias Gierke <>
> Reply-To: Maven Users List <>
> To: Maven Users List <>
> Subject: javadoc plugin fails during mvn release:perform ?
> Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 18:13:45 +0200
> Hi,
> How come the javadoc plugin fails with a 'cannot find symbol XYZ' error 
> when running 'mvn release:perform' but  'mvn site' works fine ? Since 
> compilation works I would assume my pom.xml contains all required 
> dependencies.
> Maven version: 2.0.9 (i386 Linux)
> JDK version: 1.5 (tested with 1.6 as well, both fail)
> maven-release-plugin: 2.0-beta-7
> javadoc-plugin: 2.4
> My project uses a rather large parent POM , unfortunately I had no time 
> to try to reproduce this issue with a simpler POM yet. (Plugin) version 
> numbers are inherited from a parent POM, along with dependency version 
> numbers (although these are not completely managed using 
> <dependencyManagement/> , we're currently in a kind of 'transition 
> phase' and use a mix of version properties and <dependencyManagement> in 
> our parent POM).
> Regards,
> Tobias
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