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From Rusty Wright <>
Subject Re: maven needs jdk (versus jre)
Date Mon, 18 Aug 2008 19:06:46 GMT
After fixing the eclipse jvm preference I decided to see what happens 
when I remove the -vm stuff from my windows shortcut for starting 
eclipse, and remove it from the eclipse.ini file.  Bad move, then maven 
again complains when I start eclipse.

So I got pissed and decided to reinstall java.  Without the jre.  And 
sure enough, the default installation is to install the jre so I 
"unchecked" that and let it spin and now eclipse starts up and no 
complaints from maven and the Run As Maven Test works as well.

Next test, removing the JAVA_HOME environment variable; environment 
variables are so kludgy on windows...

Rusty Wright wrote:
> The maven plugin for eclipse doesn't work if eclipse is using the 
> jre.  I just spent several hours spinning my wheels trying to get that 
> to work; my Windows shortcut for eclipse had the -vm argument 
> specifying the path to the jdk executable, which got rid of the 
> complaint from maven when I started eclipse.  But then when I did the 
> right click, Run As -> Maven Test, it blew up, complaining that it 
> couldn't find the compiler in tools.jar (giving the jre path to it).  
> So then I added the -vm stuff to my eclipse.ini file, but still no cigar.
> It finally occurred to me that in my eclipse preferences there's a 
> setting for the vm, and lo and behold, that was set to the jre, so 
> fixing that fixed the problem.
> But my real irritation is that Sun's java installation is installing 
> both the jdk and the jre on my Windows machine.  I'm thinking that if 
> I weren't installing the jre and only the jdk that eclipse would use 
> the jdk (and maven would be happy).
> But my memory is that whenever I install the latest java that it wants 
> to install the jre and the jdk.  So my real question is, can I install 
> just the jdk on my pc and will "everything work"?

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