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From "Archambault, Daniel" <>
Subject How to use an archetype I deployed
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2008 23:19:43 GMT

Could you please let me know how to use an archetype that I deploy? I
seem to have deployed successfully an archetype but I'm unable to use
it, namely the goal "mvn archetype:generate" is unable to find my

In more details, I created an archetype which I was able to install
locally using "mvn install" and also able to use it with the goal "mvn
archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=local". Then, I deploy using the
command "mvn deploy" which showed ... deploy:deploy ... Uploading: <my
archetype's jar url> ... BUILD SUCCESSFUL. I'm able to see the file
really exists in a browser at <my archetype's jar url>. 

However, when I try the command "mvn archetype:generate" my archetype
doesn't appear in the list of archetypes to chose from. I also tried
specifying the -DarchetypeRepository argument setting it to the value of
our mirror repository's url but it gives the same list of archetype as
when ran without this argument. I also tried to use the archetypeCatalog
argument but without success, I can't seem to find the
archetype-catalog.xml on the remote repository where I deploy (I  was
epecting to see it at a similar location as the one on my machine i.e.
in ~/.m2) so I guess that might be an indicator that there is an extra
step I need to do for having the archetype-catalog.xml be generated on
the remote repository??? I also tried specifying the remote repository
in mirror, repositories and and pluginrepositories in the pom, user and
maven settings, and using the archetypeArtifactId argument but the
archetype:generate still cannot find my archetype.

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