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From Amir <>
Subject Re: Maven PMD plugin dependency on pmd Jar is out of date
Date Tue, 22 Apr 2008 11:59:01 GMT
Hello Xavier

Thanks for the clarifications.
You were right, my ruleset file, basic.xml, which I copied from the 
pmd-4.2.1 distribution
does contain the AvoidMultipleUnaryOperators rule. That rule indeed has 
When reverting to the pmd-4.1 distribution, with an earlier basic.xml 
ruleset file, the problem is gone.
10x again


I saw your message on the pmd developer forum and on the maven lists.
Based on the forum post, you are using a custom ruleset that references
the AvoidMultipleUnaryOperators rule. That rule was introduced in pmd
4.2 and is not in pmd 4.1 nor is it referenced in the rulesets that ship
with pmd 4.1.

So the issue is not with the pmd plugin packaging but with how your
custom ruleset references a newer rule that is not available yet from
the pmd plugin.

Best regards,

Xavier Le Vourch

Amir Eliaz wrote:
| Hello,
|    Looking in
| I found out it depends on pmd-jdk14-4.1.1.jar
| Now, this Jar does not contain net.sourceforge.pmd.rules
| .basic.AvoidMultipleUnaryOperators
| but the plugin implementation is looking for it.
| But, if your use pmd-4.2.1.jar (from
| instead of pmd-jdk14-4.1.1.jar (by manually replacing in
| the class is found and everything works.
| So the problem really is a wrong dependency in maven-pmd-plugin-2.3.pom,
| which is the latest for this plugin.
| --Amir

- --
Xavier Le Vourch
Brittany Software, Inc.

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