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From Farrukh Najmi <>
Subject Re: Re-spinning a release via maven-release-plugin
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 20:38:18 GMT
Farrukh Najmi wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> Does maven-release-plugin easily support the re-spinning of a release. 
> Re-spinning means that one makes a bug fix and then creates a new 
> release using the same release # as the previous release.
> Also, the previous releases tag is reused to tag the latest bits.
> I feel this is a valid use case when a release was cut and perhaps 
> even deployed but not announced and a bug is found during testing of 
> the release.
> TIA for your guidance on how best to meet this use case.

 From what I have gathered thus far the right way to do this is to user 
the release:rollback roll. This revert the pom version back to what they 
were. It does not seem to remove the tag but I see there is an issue 
filed on that. I think One can then do the respin using release:prepare 
goal which would retag the tree using the previous tag. Finally a respin 
of release:perform goal would re-deploy the artifacts to the server.

I will try this out. Thanks.

Farrukh Najmi


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