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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: upgrade from maven 1 to maven 2
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 11:04:00 GMT
I'll try to find out solution, i began with one of our simplest project, 
it's made of several subprojects (using multproject maven 1 goal), but 
they have no custom maven.xml (should be the easiest to convert). But i 
don't get how to get the equivalent of


I tried

But with i try a mvn jar, it complains the groupId of the parent tag is 
not defined. That a problem because i need the groupId and the version 
to be inherited from the parent. How should i do it?
The online doc is of no help. It says

> Alternatively, if we want the groupId and / or the version of your 
> modules to be the same as their parents, you can remove the groupId 
> and / or the version identity of your module in its POM.
> <project>
>   <parent>
>     <groupId></groupId>
>     <artifactId>my-app</artifactId>
>     <version>1</version>
>   </parent>
>   <modelVersion>4.0.0</modelVersion>
>   <artifactId>my-module</artifactId>
> </project>
As you see in xml fragment given, they did *not* remove the groupId and 
versionId? Is it possible to inherit groupId and versionId or will i 
have to manually maintain all those ids in each release?

Sorry to bother you with basic question :)

En l'instant précis du 04/03/08 11:32, Samuel Le Berrigaud s'exprimait 
en ces termes:
> Hi again,
> I personally don't know any plugin that would take your maven.xml and insert
> it into the maven 2 lifecycle. There is no notion of lifecycle in maven1,
> just goals. I guess implementing such plugin could be possible but
> definitely not trivial.
> Indeed the xslt plugin doesn't give much details about its support. You
> would probably need to get some work done on the existing one or write your
> own. I don't see that being a huge amount of work. But it would still be
> some work…
> Regarding the project on which you depend, your best bet is still to have it
> as a dependency for your project. Even if it is not maven2, you could
> probably get this other project team to deploy it to an internal maven2
> repository or do it your self manually when they release it. Some other
> plugins will allow you to filter the files as you extract them. And as Simon
> said you still have the maven-antrun-plugin:
> I am sorry I cannot be more helpful here,
> maybe someone else has another experience with migrating maven.xml scripts?
> SaM
> PS: I don't know what happened to the page you reference in your first mail
> ( Maybe a maven
> developer could help here?
> On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 9:11 PM, David Delbecq <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> i was hopping there was some way to take my pack of maven.xml preGoal
>> rule and just relocate them somewhere where maven2 would use them. You
>> suggestion will not work. For our XSLT transform, we need to pass
>> parameters to the xslt transform engine (for that we use saxon
>> transformer with some specific transformation parameters), i don't see
>> such equivalent in what you pointed me to nor is there information about
>> version of xslt supported (1,2? we need 2).
>> For the dependency plugin we have to investigate, but if that mean we
>> need to upgrade included project to maven 2 also, that's a no go. That
>> project i have no write access to and we don't plan maven 2 for it, we
>> just currently, in our build process, download it along our main
>> project, and retrieve some files from it (files we patch on the fly
>> using <ant:replace /> rules btw). We don't even build it, we only need
>> it's webapp (jsp/pictures/html/config) files integrated in our app.
>> So, if we could keep our current build process rules (maven.xml), and
>> just somehow move them in a plugin that would be lot's easier. Some of
>> the jelly rules took time to implement, we don't have the time to
>> recreate all them. Isn't it possible to take the maven.xml and put it in
>> a project.jelly or it's maven2 equivalent?
>> I need some direction on how to easily convert from maven1 to maven2,
>> related to maven.xml, but all link related to that in maven site seem
>> dead (see my first mail)
>> En l'instant précis du 04/03/08 10:57, Samuel Le Berrigaud s'exprimait
>> en ces termes:
>>> Hi David,
>>> You don't to implement your whole maven.xml into one maven2 plugin.
>> Instead
>>> you should decompose what you do in your maven.xml and find out the
>> existing
>>> maven 2 plugins that would enable those different tasks.
>>> For example, if I take your two examples below:
>>> - copying resources of another project:
>>> I would make that project a dependency of your web application and that
>>> would be sufficient to add those on your classpath.
>>> If you need them outside the classpath, I would probably use the maven
>>> dependency plugin:
>>> using the unpack goal, it will unpack the jar wherever you need to. I
>> would
>>> attach that to the "process-resources" phase of you war module.
>>> - xslt transformation
>>> that should be fairly easy using the XSLT plugin:
>>> attaching it to the same "process-resources" phase.
>>> Hope this all make sense. I strongly advise researching existing plugins
>>> before writing your own. All the configuration will go in your pom.xmlso as
>>> with the maven.xml you can update those rules easily.
>>> SaM
>>> On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 8:39 PM, David Delbecq <> wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> we have a few project here using maven 1. They become difficult to
>>>> maintain when it come to using new plugins that are not available for
>>>> maven 1. So we thought it might be time to switch to maven 2. Question
>>>> is, considering about all projects are using preGoal/postGoal and
>>>> personalized rules in maven.xml, what should i do with them? I read
>>>> there is no equivalent of maven.xml, i need to use a plugin. Can I sort
>>>> of embbed that plugin with the project that use it, or do i need to
>>>> create a separate plugin project for each of our maven.xml, compile and
>>>> deploy those plugin change everytime before compiling the main project
>>>> (with maven 1, changes to maven.xml were immediate)? Also if someone
>> can
>>>> point me to documentation about converting that maven.xml to a plugin,
>>>> it'll be great. Documentation here
>>>> , section "what to
>>>> do with maven.xml" point to error page (the pages seems to have been
>>>> removed from maven site :( )
>>>> example of such task of maven.xml here is, we have a project X that is
>> a
>>>> webapp. In a subdirectory of that webapp we need to copy all ressources
>>>> of another project Y, and we need to merge the struts and web.xml
>>>> configs (we use a xslt processor for that). Am not sure how easy that
>>>> can be transfered to a plugin...
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