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From David Delbecq <>
Subject Re: upgrade from maven 1 to maven 2
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 10:11:22 GMT

i was hopping there was some way to take my pack of maven.xml preGoal 
rule and just relocate them somewhere where maven2 would use them. You 
suggestion will not work. For our XSLT transform, we need to pass 
parameters to the xslt transform engine (for that we use saxon 
transformer with some specific transformation parameters), i don't see 
such equivalent in what you pointed me to nor is there information about 
version of xslt supported (1,2? we need 2).

For the dependency plugin we have to investigate, but if that mean we 
need to upgrade included project to maven 2 also, that's a no go. That 
project i have no write access to and we don't plan maven 2 for it, we 
just currently, in our build process, download it along our main 
project, and retrieve some files from it (files we patch on the fly 
using <ant:replace /> rules btw). We don't even build it, we only need 
it's webapp (jsp/pictures/html/config) files integrated in our app.

So, if we could keep our current build process rules (maven.xml), and 
just somehow move them in a plugin that would be lot's easier. Some of 
the jelly rules took time to implement, we don't have the time to 
recreate all them. Isn't it possible to take the maven.xml and put it in 
a project.jelly or it's maven2 equivalent?

I need some direction on how to easily convert from maven1 to maven2, 
related to maven.xml, but all link related to that in maven site seem 
dead (see my first mail)

En l'instant précis du 04/03/08 10:57, Samuel Le Berrigaud s'exprimait 
en ces termes:
> Hi David,
> You don't to implement your whole maven.xml into one maven2 plugin. Instead
> you should decompose what you do in your maven.xml and find out the existing
> maven 2 plugins that would enable those different tasks.
> For example, if I take your two examples below:
> - copying resources of another project:
> I would make that project a dependency of your web application and that
> would be sufficient to add those on your classpath.
> If you need them outside the classpath, I would probably use the maven
> dependency plugin:
> using the unpack goal, it will unpack the jar wherever you need to. I would
> attach that to the "process-resources" phase of you war module.
> - xslt transformation
> that should be fairly easy using the XSLT plugin:
> attaching it to the same "process-resources" phase.
> Hope this all make sense. I strongly advise researching existing plugins
> before writing your own. All the configuration will go in your pom.xml so as
> with the maven.xml you can update those rules easily.
> SaM
> On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 8:39 PM, David Delbecq <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> we have a few project here using maven 1. They become difficult to
>> maintain when it come to using new plugins that are not available for
>> maven 1. So we thought it might be time to switch to maven 2. Question
>> is, considering about all projects are using preGoal/postGoal and
>> personalized rules in maven.xml, what should i do with them? I read
>> there is no equivalent of maven.xml, i need to use a plugin. Can I sort
>> of embbed that plugin with the project that use it, or do i need to
>> create a separate plugin project for each of our maven.xml, compile and
>> deploy those plugin change everytime before compiling the main project
>> (with maven 1, changes to maven.xml were immediate)? Also if someone can
>> point me to documentation about converting that maven.xml to a plugin,
>> it'll be great. Documentation here
>> , section "what to
>> do with maven.xml" point to error page (the pages seems to have been
>> removed from maven site :( )
>> example of such task of maven.xml here is, we have a project X that is a
>> webapp. In a subdirectory of that webapp we need to copy all ressources
>> of another project Y, and we need to merge the struts and web.xml
>> configs (we use a xslt processor for that). Am not sure how easy that
>> can be transfered to a plugin...
>> --
>> David Delbecq
>> Institut Royal Météorologique
>> Ext:557
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David Delbecq
Institut Royal Météorologique

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