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From David Delbecq <>
Subject upgrade from maven 1 to maven 2
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 09:39:02 GMT

we have a few project here using maven 1. They become difficult to 
maintain when it come to using new plugins that are not available for 
maven 1. So we thought it might be time to switch to maven 2. Question 
is, considering about all projects are using preGoal/postGoal and 
personalized rules in maven.xml, what should i do with them? I read 
there is no equivalent of maven.xml, i need to use a plugin. Can I sort 
of embbed that plugin with the project that use it, or do i need to 
create a separate plugin project for each of our maven.xml, compile and 
deploy those plugin change everytime before compiling the main project 
(with maven 1, changes to maven.xml were immediate)? Also if someone can 
point me to documentation about converting that maven.xml to a plugin, 
it'll be great. Documentation here , section "what to 
do with maven.xml" point to error page (the pages seems to have been 
removed from maven site :( )

example of such task of maven.xml here is, we have a project X that is a 
webapp. In a subdirectory of that webapp we need to copy all ressources 
of another project Y, and we need to merge the struts and web.xml 
configs (we use a xslt processor for that). Am not sure how easy that 
can be transfered to a plugin...

David Delbecq
Institut Royal Météorologique

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