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From Shakun Gupta <>
Subject Dependency Plugin
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 06:15:15 GMT
Hi All,
I am using the maven dependency plugin v 2.0. I wanted to copy the 
dependency jars to an external folder. I tried two approaches:
1. I added the configuration for dependency-plugin in the pom.xmls of 
the modules and when I ran the "dependency:copy-dependencies" task along 
with the corresponding life cycle goal at the parent level, the 
dependencies were not copied at the external folder location but were 
copied at the default location. (target/dependency).
2. I added all the project dependencies to the parent. And gave the 
dependency-plugin configuration in the parent pom with the life cycle 
goal as package. And to avoid inheritance, I modified poms of modules 
with setting the lifecycle goal as deploy. So, when I ran the 
"dependency:copy-dependencies" goal along with life cycle goal package 
at the parent level, the task is also called in the modules and 
thankfully the dependencies are not copied again.

So, I wanted to ask a few things:
1. How can I disable the copying of dependency jars in the default 
folder (I don't need these jars).
2. In the first approach, Is the dependency plugin expected to work like 
that or it is a bug. Also, how can I achieve the task that I want using 
that approach.
3. In the second approach, how can I override the parent pom so that 
copy-dependency task is not called.
4. Also, please let me know which approach is better. To give 
dependencies at the parent level or at each module level.


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