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From VUB Stefan Seidel <>
Subject Re: Jsp precompile
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 13:47:00 GMT wrote:
>  firstly, and again: Do NOT just reply to a random message from the 
>> mailing list when you start a new topic. Write a NEW MAIL to the mailing 
>> list.
> I don't understand. I used the user@maven... mail adress, but I changed the topic. So
it should be a new topic, shouldn't it?? I can't image the mail adress would "remember" what
it was last used to, right???
> --------------------------
Ok, I saw too late that the old "subject" line was wrong already.

Anyway, in most mail clients, when  you "reply" to a message, a header 
field "In-Reply-To" is set into the mail with either all (of this 
thread) or the latest message ids of the message(s) you replied to.
Then again, the mail client looks into this header field to determine 
whether the message should be displayed in the same thread or in a new 
thread. Thus, you can change the subject but the mail client will still 
think that it is the same thread because of the "In-Reply-To" header field.
In Thunderbird for example, you can click "View", "Sort By", "Threaded" 
to see what I mean.

>> Your web.xml needs to be in
>> src/main/webapp/WEB-INF, 
> Well, as we are moving from Maven 1.1 I was told to first move the project as it is -
using the (legacy) project structure in this first migration step. Therefore, I can't yet
use src/main/webapp/WEB-INF. My web.xml
> is in src/war/WEB-INF, and when it's copied to the target folder, it will be in /target/MY_WAR_FILE_NAME/WEB-INF.
Ok, one questions: is the war assembled correctly (including web.xml)?

> There must be some option to alter the default path, right??
You saw the text in jspc maven plugin doc:

>> <configuration>
>>     <webXml>${basedir}/target/jspweb.xml</webXml>
>>     ...
>> </configuration>

There you can set the path. Anyway, you wrote you didn't want to let the 
compiler plugin modify the web.xml IIUC? But then the compilation is not 
in effect, because within the web.xml the /...jsp are mapped to the 
compiled ones, so I think you will need to let that happen if you want 
to use the precompiled JSPs.

best regards,

Stefan Seidel
software developer
VUB Printmedia GmbH
Chopinstraße 4
D-04103 Leipzig
tel.    +49 (341) 9 60 50 07
fax.    +49 (341) 9 60 50 92

HRB Köln 24015
UStID DE 122 649 251
GF Dr. Achim Preuss Neudorf,
Dr. Christian Preuss Neudorf

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