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From Benoit Decherf <>
Subject scm url, scm connection url and site url.
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2008 11:35:02 GMT
I create a parent pom for the organization where I define default values 
to use for all projects. (parentMaven.pom)
In this parent pom, I declare the base url for scm and site.

If a project declare this pom as parent, all url are corrects 

 From this parent pom, I declare other 2 sub-parent pom for the 2 types 
of projects we have. (buid1Parent, and build2Parent). So this pom 
declare parentMaven as parent.

If a project declare the build1Parent as parent, The url are of type: 
<baseUrl>/build1Parent/<project>. This is not what I expect. Is this a 
bug or what is the correct way to do it ?


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