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Subject Re: jspc precompile
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2008 22:34:20 GMT
Ok, now I wrote a complete new mail, hope this one's what you wanted me to do (or should I
have left this topic for now...?!)

> Ok, one questions: is the war assembled correctly (including web.xml)?

Well I think so - building a war works, and when I deploy this war into my tomcat server,
the app works as it should.

> There must be some option to alter the default path, right??
> You saw the text in jspc maven plugin doc:
> >> <configuration>
> >>     <webXml>${basedir}/target/jspweb.xml</webXml>
> >>     ...
> >> </configuration>
> There you can set the path

Nope, I don't think that's it. There you can only define were the jspweb.xml should be put.
I would need to be able to define a custom path for the webapp folder.

However, as a test I changed the path to my webapp folder, and then it temporarily worked.
However, the maven jspc plugin seeems to be VERY picky about the jsp code - I have a taglib
directive like this:
<%@ taglib uri="" prefix="tiles" %>

in my jsps - the url doesn't exist, so the jspc compiler failed.
Well, I read there was a way to fix this issue - I read you had to define 
a taglib uri in the web.xml, but I tried it for about 30 minutes and didn't get it to work,
so I decided I should leave it for the moment as it's a legacy project and the main task at
hand is moving to Maven 2.
So I tried the jetty jspc plugin again - on the website I even found a
listing of its parameters:

However, using:

didn't help either. The only way I got this to work was if I created a src/webapp folder containing
the web.xml.

Then it worked and compiled all JSPs as expected - without throwing the error the maven jspc
plugin did.

No idea, maybe you got an idea how I could get to run one of the two...

In short, I would need:
The maven jspc or jetty jspc plugin working with a custom webapp folder,
if you recommend me to use the maven jspc plugin, I would need a way to either lower the error
level, or I would need to have a way how to fix this struts tld error.

Thanks a lot, your help is really appreciated! :)

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