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Subject Re: dependency:analyze
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2008 18:41:39 GMT
> - For Web apps, do not forget to compile the JSPs into .class files and
> include those in the analysis to get the real picture.

Oooh! Oookay! No, I didn't do that yet. That's still on my list to do.
Which plugin to use for that?
This one: ?

I haven't included it yet, as it seems to be complicated / weird -
If I got it right you need a "jspweb.xml"?! and you need to adjust your web.xml?! I would
like to integrate new plugins with no adjustments to the application itself - for two reasons
a) political, "don't change the app while moving to mvn2"
b) I neither like a requirement to have to touch (botch) an otherwise perfectly working application
just to make it's deployment work

Any ideas / alternatives on this?

p.s.: When I created class files from my jsps - do I have to adjust configuration so that
dependency:analyze also analyzes those? Maybe you got some example?



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