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Subject compress & obfuscate js files
Date Sat, 01 Mar 2008 08:56:34 GMT

I am still working on moving a big legacy project from Maven 1 to Maven2.
Next step is compression of javascript files.

What's the best plugin for this task? 


I just found:

- which is based on yuicompressor, that I was even recommended to use by the javascript community.

Not only does it compress javascript file, but also css file and it also seems to abfuscate
The only problem I see with my legacy project - css and javascript are not 100% separated
into their own files - often javascript and or css is directly used in jsp pages. 
So in order to properly obfuscate, a plugin would have to parse not only the css and javascript
files, but also all jsp pages, that do direct javascript function calls and so on.

Any idea if there is a compressor / obfuscator plugin that does all that?

I would be pleased if you could recommend me something, that would be great - I underestimated
the work to be done migrating to maven 2 and am kinda lost! :-(

Thanks in advance,


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