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From Arne Styve <>
Subject Re: What format is recommended for documentation when using "mvn site" ?
Date Tue, 19 Feb 2008 09:01:40 GMT
Do you know anything about the LaTeX plugin that used to be supported in
Maven1 ? LaTeX seams to be the favoured format for scientific documentation
still, and it would be nice if this was supported....

By the way, what SW do you use to read these mailing lists ?


> I've also seen mentioned that there is work going on to create PDF from apt
>> and xdoc. I also saw that for maven1, the xdoc format was the recomended
>> format to use for any user specific documentation. What is the status for
>> xdoc and Maven2 ? Do you know ?
> I am not the responsible of the doxia project and I don't know it too much.
> For the moment I use the xdoc format. I was also expecting a generated PDF
> output but It seems that feature is not available at the moment.
> But I hope that the docbook format and plugin will provide a good solution
> for this. It's will be nice if you can test it et get a feed back. I have a
> friend that work on it.
> Rémy

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