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From Michael McCallum <>
Subject Re: Best practice to represent an arbitrary collection of jars as a single dependency?
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2008 21:48:57 GMT
On Wed, 27 Feb 2008 07:41:16 Wayne Fay wrote:
> This simply is not a feature that currently exists in Maven, and for a
> lot of reasons, I don't see it being a feature that will be
> implemented any time soon.
> Your best bet is the "list all artifacts as dependencies in a pom, and
> depend on it" option that I suggested earlier. This in combination
> with Archiva, Artifactory, Proximity etc would be the "right" solution
> in my book.
Is this the best bet or the one below?

> But, I don't think your projects actually need all 50 of those
> artifacts. So the best solution is to specify the proper dependencies
> explicitly in each project, and use a shared parent with a
> dependencyManagement section that helps you manage versions of
> artifacts.
do you really find that this helps? consider this very contrived but 
representative of more complex scenerios example P == parent, A == artifact, 
W == webapp or other assembly

P2 :: A1
P1 :: A2
P2 :: A3
P2 :: W1

A2 -> A1
A3 -> A2

W1 -> A3, A2

If P2 is has a "significant" change in verssion how do you know that you have 
an inconsistent build when you build W1? If you use the "right"  solution - 
as above - then you can actually get the ability with version ranges to have 
maven error when trying to build W1 if A2 and A3 are inconsistence in their 
resolution tree and potentially class incompatible.

Michael McCallum
Enterprise Engineer

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