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From "Wayne Fay" <>
Subject Re: any maven support for "macros" ?
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2008 20:32:52 GMT
I've seen other people doing this by creating their own batch/shell
scripts in the project directory eg mvn-release.bat and

We actually used to do this with Ant since we could never remember the
various targets we wanted.


On 1/8/08, nicolas de loof <> wrote:
> Hello,
> To release my project I need to call a rather complex maven command :
> "mvn install assembly:attached com.mycompany:myplugin:post-goal"
> I'd like to provide in my corporate POM some "macro command" to define
> custom goals / lifecycle phases to run such commands.
> example : "mvn release" to create the release.
> Is there any way to create such macro-commands with maven, when the standard
> lifecycle is not enough ? I don't thing so, but maybe some combination of
> profiles and invoker plugin could help ?
> Nico.

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