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From Michael McCallum <>
Subject Re: How to deploy corporate-pom?
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 21:46:46 GMT
You can configure your repository to check for updates after a time interval 
but in order to maintain build reproducibility something in the repository 
and that includes parents should never change...

Process has its problems but its better for the developer to choose when to 
break their project than having it forced upon them.

I only include distribution management into the parent project... which 
changes rarely and if a developer did not update there project to the new 
parent then mostly things would break very soon e.g. the release repo has 
moved somewhere else...

If you are trying to manage depedencies via parent poms you are taking the 
wrong approach and should have another look. See my many posts regarding 
composite projects to keep dependency graphs clean.

Michael McCallum
Enterprise Engineer

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