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From Christian Andersson>
Subject Re: moving from maven 1 to maven 2
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2007 14:40:54 GMT
but does not that inherit ALL developers..

I mean if I define all 10 developers in the parent pom, don't all 10
developers get added to every child? but what if ther eis only one
developer for that child.. I still would like to use the same parent pom
since that parent pom have defined all versions for my dependiencies

Brett Porter skrev:
> developers are also inherited, so you can use the parent POM technique
> for that as well.
> Cheers,
> Brett
> On 13/11/2007, Christian Andersson <> wrote:
>> Hi there,  first some history :-)
>> I'm currently using maven 1.0.3 (yes, I know it is old, but it works for
>> me) and we are currently switching from cvs to subversion. Along with
>> this switch from cvs to subversion we are also going to try to switch
>> from  our old maven to maven 2 (2.0.7)
>> In our old projects we are using a couple of self written plugins (which
>> I have not converted yet, but I doubt that they will be the main problem)
>> anyway, I have a few questions that I don't seem to have found an answer
>> to..
>> in our project.xml we have been using xml entitities to define default
>> xml parts that was used in several maven projects, for exampel we would
>> create an xml file for a dependency and then use the xml entity handling
>> (or whatever it is called) to include this part into all the project.xml
>> files that had this dependency. This made it easy for us to upgrade a
>> dependency from one version to another since we only needed to change 1
>> place, rebuild all and test..
>> We have also used this entity handling for the organization and
>> developer data..
>> now from what I understand is that maven 2 does not support the usage of
>> xml entities like we have used it, and  if I understand it correctly I
>> can use the DependencyManagement in the parent pom to resolve the
>> dependency problem, but I have not found a similar solution for
>> developers. (organization is solved completely using parent
>> so my question here is there anything I can do about developers (we are
>> so far only about 10 developers, but it is growing and some will move,
>> etc. so I don't want to update 20 different projects when 1 place would
>> be enough..)
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