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From Adrian Herscu <>
Subject Re: [m2] SSL certificate name does not match
Date Thu, 11 Oct 2007 07:06:38 GMT
Yeah... Where is the link :-)?

I tried to play with the keytool program. I have imported the SSL 
certificate into my key store; this creates a file named .keystore in 
C:\Documents and Settings\me. I tried to run Maven and DAVExplorer; 
their behavior did not change :-(

Now the weird things:

  1. I have monitored the file access to the .keystore file. When I am 
running keytool -list the .keystore file is accessed (seems like my file 
monitoring program works). When I am running Maven or DAVExplorer, the 
.keystore file is not accessed at all!
  2. Maven is able to upload files to my WebDAV server! If I am building 
all my modules locally, then I can run mvn deploy and the files are 


Tim Kettler wrote:
> Where's the link :-)?
> David Williams schrieb:
>> Adrian,
>> This link may help you.  This java program allows you to manually 
>> accept the
>> cert and place the generated file in your JDK or JRE.  Then the java 
>> keeps
>> it as an accept cert.  I have not tried this with Maven but it worked 
>> with
>> another application where the cert didn't match the server name.  Down 
>> side
>> is that it would have to be on every user's machine.
>> Thanks,
>> David
>> On 10/10/07, Adrian Herscu <> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> I am hosting my project sources and binaries with some external
>>> provider. He cannot set up an SSL certificate for my domain name...
>>> Meanwhile, the only alternative is accept those SSL warnings about
>>> domain name mismatch. I am getting them in my browser and also in my SVN
>>> client.
>>> Now I am trying to set up Maven to build and deploy my project to this
>>> provider. The problem is that I am getting these messages from Maven:
>>> <snip>
>>> [WARNING] repository metadata for: 'snapshot
>>> build-extensions:1.0-alpha-4-SNAPSHOT' could not be retrieved from
>>> repository: s
>>> due to an error: Error transferring file
>>> [INFO] Repository '' will be blacklisted
>>> </snip>
>>> ...and the artifacts cannot be resolved (of course).
>>> I tried to see if this is a JRE specific problem. Downloaded a
>>> Java-based WebDAV client (DAVExplorer), and it fails to connect with
>>> this error message:
>>> Name in certificate "" does
>>> not match host name ""
>>> Anyone knows about a hidden switch/option/configuration file to make the
>>> JRE accept the SSL connection even if the host name doesn't match to
>>> that on the certificate?
>>> Please help,
>>> Adrian.
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