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From Adrian Herscu <>
Subject [m2] SSL certificate name does not match
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 17:56:30 GMT
Hi all,

I am hosting my project sources and binaries with some external 
provider. He cannot set up an SSL certificate for my domain name...
Meanwhile, the only alternative is accept those SSL warnings about 
domain name mismatch. I am getting them in my browser and also in my SVN 
Now I am trying to set up Maven to build and deploy my project to this 
provider. The problem is that I am getting these messages from Maven:

[WARNING] repository metadata for: 'snapshot
build-extensions:1.0-alpha-4-SNAPSHOT' could not be retrieved from 
repository: s due to an error: Error transferring file
[INFO] Repository '' will be blacklisted

...and the artifacts cannot be resolved (of course).

I tried to see if this is a JRE specific problem. Downloaded a 
Java-based WebDAV client (DAVExplorer), and it fails to connect with 
this error message: Name in certificate "" does 
not match host name ""

Anyone knows about a hidden switch/option/configuration file to make the 
JRE accept the SSL connection even if the host name doesn't match to 
that on the certificate?

Please help,

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