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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject RE: Finding out what test has failed and why
Date Wed, 31 Oct 2007 14:00:49 GMT
rmatthews wrote:
> When I build with Maven it is running the unit test as
> expected, however if a
> test fails then I have no immediate indication why.  If I set
> printSummary to false I get no indication whatsoever; when  it is
> true I 
> get many line
> telling me things are OK.  The upshot of it is that I am left
> to browse
> through many text/xml files in the surefire-report directory
> to find the
> problem: this is not very efficient.  The alternative is run create
> the site and browse the output, which makes the looking quicker but
> it takes a long time to generate the site.
> Is there any way to have printed out, only on failures, what
> has failed and
> see the stack trace, ie to have the same facility I have in my IDE?
> If that is not possible, how do I get the surefire-report
> plugin to run
> after a test failure (ie during the test phase rather than
> the site phase.
> Many thanks
> Robert Matthews

Set useFile to false.

- Jörg

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