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From David <>
Subject How to configurate java.class.path property under a given test
Date Tue, 23 Oct 2007 10:43:58 GMT
Dear members,

I have a method that find a file on classpath and I want to check that it works fine. My testing
class works fine under Eclipse, for example but under mave it doesn't work properly. The reason
is that during the testing process I assume there is at least a directory location on classpath,
but under maven the java.class.path, contains only jar files. So I can't check if some file
exist on some directory of my classpath. I would need for my test, just the "." directory,
but I don't find the way to add this information before the test start.

On the 

I have seen other posts about this problem, but without any real good solution, for example:

On surefire documentation:

probably using properly one of the following properties: environmentVariables, jvm, could
be solved, but I don't figure out how to deal with this.



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