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From "Raphaël Piéroni" <>
Subject [maven-antrun-plugin] is it possible to aggregate
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2007 21:07:26 GMT
Hi guys,

I have a build that make some extensive use of the antrun plugin.
My build is multi module and some of the child modules use antrun.
My parent module define an assembly and an antrun execution to copy
the resulting assembly in a samba directory.

my current complete build call is like mvn clean install
assembly:assembly antrun:run -Dtest=skip -Pdelivery
the asembly and parent antrun are define in the delivery profile.

I would like to only call mvn clean deploy by attaching the assembly
creation to the deploy phase of the parent build then call the parent
antrun in the same phase.
I also would like to have those goals called at the end of the build
as the assembly is made on the modules artifacts and some parent
module configuration files.

Is this possible to achieve? and how?
If not, what is best way to have the tests run once? and antrun not
propagated into the child modules?


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