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From "Robert Bjarum" <>
Subject Multiple source directories
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 15:50:19 GMT
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 Hi all,

I principle, I agree with those who say it is against "Best Practice" to have mulitply source
directories in a project.

However, I have run into this situation taking an existing project over to maven an would
like to hear your opinions/advice.

We have two projects, one under J2SE and one under J2ME (WTK). Common classes have been organized
in a seperate source directory which is shared by the two projects.

Server application (J2SE project):
    commonplatform/src/main/java  (used by both project, but compiled differently)

Mobile application (J2ME project):
    commonplatform/src/main/java  (used by both project, but compiled differently)

This can be solved in several ways:
a) Defining 2 addition projects creating common-j2se.jar and common-j2me.jar
b) Using multiple sources using build-helper-maven-plugin from org.codehaus
c) Using <sourceModifications> in some way

Any good recommendations or opinions?

Robert Bjarum

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