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From Nick Stolwijk <>
Subject Re: maven-assembly-plugin
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2007 17:12:32 GMT
Let's split it in two sections:
> My ultimate goal is to have a batch.jar file created with all of the
> dependencies in the project placed into this jar as .class files NOT jar
> files. 
This is a easy one, if you have the right plugin. Although the assembly 
plugin has an unpack goal, you'd want the unpack tasks of the dependency 
plugin, ie:


For more information about this goal, see [1].
> I also want the MANEFEST.MF file created so that I can execute java
> -jar batch.jar  on the command line.
To create the MANIFEST file, take a look at the jar plugin. It has two 
pages about customizing the manifest. See [2] and [3].


Nick Stolwijk


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