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From Mark Russell <>
Subject access to MavenProject help
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 05:46:26 GMT
I am trying to develop a plugin and get access to the MavenProject.  Here is my code:
      *  parameter expression="${project}"
     private MavenProject mavenProject;

. . .
         if (mavenProject != null) {
             List repositories = mavenProject.getRepositories();
             for (Object object : repositories) {
         else {
             getLog().info("no project");

All I ever get printed out is the no project message.  I also tried with artifact repository
and get the same results.  Here is 
my dependencies in my pom:

I would like any help on this that I could get.  I need to get this code up and running I
have several people waiting for this. 
  I have read the book "Better Builds with Maven" and the MOJO Developer's handbook and  can
not seem to get this working.

thanks for your help in advance!

Mark Russell
Instantiations, Inc.
724-368-3331 (land line)

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