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From Awaragi <>
Subject Re: multi-module unit testing
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 05:51:06 GMT

Hi Eric,

Thank you for your reply. Your solution is definitly getting me there but I
am still a little bit confused about dependencies of these projects.

Won't you run into a cirucular dependency issue between common test project
and the library it support? From example, A, B are lib projects and C is app
project, currently test setup classes are in A and B and are used by A and B
test classes. So in theory, say you create a test project T, C will depend
on A, B and T, T depends on A and B but A and B also depend on T. Maybe I am
thinking too much? My head is definitly hurting %-|

Thanks again,

Eric Daigneault-2 wrote:
> Hi Pierre,
> The way I solved this for myself was to create a test project and put all
> the common test code in it (as normal stuff, not as test stuff) then I
> used
> the test project in all other projects as a dependency.  This way I have
> access to the common test stuff.  then to ensure that the extra project
> (jar) does not make it in the final package I declared it as test in it`s
> dependency scope.
> Extending the above principle I usually have two such jars for my
> projects,
> one that is all the common code used in all tests, there I place all the
> generic stuff that can be reusable and is not specific.  Another  I will
> put
> all the mocks stubs and other such classes that are specific to the high
> level project.  This way all modules will have access to them and I only
> code my stuff once.  Great thing about this is that I can then code unit
> tests on the test classes.  May sound a bit excessive but when people
> lives
> depend on the code you produce a bit of paranoia actually help to protect
> ones sanity.
> Of course for the stubs parts, to prevent circular dependencies you may
> have
> to separate the interface for your library from the implementation, which
> in
> time makes for more stable code.  The downside is the multiplication of
> modules.
> I hope this helps
> √Čric :D.
> On 10/1/07, Awaragi <> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> i hope that this question was not asked before as I am new to maven and
>> to
>> this forum. I am trying to build a multi-module project with three
>> modules:
>> libraries A and B and application C which depends on A and B. Libraries A
>> and B have their unit testing classes which use a setup class to load
>> testing resources, setup database connection, etc. This works all fine
>> and
>> nice for A and B. Now I am in the process of writting unit tests for
>> application module C and i don't want to do copy/paste of the setup
>> classes
>> of A and B but I cannot find a way to make unit test classes of C to
>> depend
>> on unit test classes of A and B.
>> I thought of moving some of these setup classes to main as a workaround
>> but
>> then i have to add quite a few test libraries to these modules and to the
>> web-inf/lib folder of the final war file. Including a database jdbc
>> driver
>> is not acceptable so this workaround is not the way to go.
>> Can anyone please help me with this setup?
>> Pierre
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