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From Manos Batsis <>
Subject Re: Using maven for JavaScript projects
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2007 18:06:32 GMT
nicolas de loof wrote:

> To Manos :
> how do you integrate with jsDoc ? AFAIK this is a JS based tool, not
> really simple to invoke from a Java Mojo. Or maybe you use a JS Mojo ?

Through Rhino. A simple way is to call his Main.exec, the other is a bit 
more complicated and involves putting java variables in the JS 
evaluation scope. See the JSDoc [1] and JSLint [2] reports respectively.

> Would you like to colaborate on a common javascript plugin ? Would you
> publish it as part of the Mojo project ?

Would not be against that, but currently such a mojo does not exist there.

In the mean time both me/ and (i believe) Ross are open on 
collaboration using the SF project and publish the lot under the apache 
license v2.

My personal next priority is ECMAUnit as it is a lot easier to use than 
JSUnit, as well as a compression mojo (although the mobilvox js plugin 
works really great for me).

Finally, IMHO we need to figure out a maven packaging scheme and plugins 
that will allow projects to use JS libraries as dependencies to web or 
other projects (JS or Java). I have expressed interest on this in the 
past but...




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