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From Alexander Vaysberg <>
Subject Re: Eclipse and Maven "best practice"
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2007 18:55:08 GMT
It give a book a Better Builds with Maven vor free on the page: I think it help 

Alexander Vaysberg (pc-hilfe)
zm schrieb:
> Hi,
> Can anyone help me with the best way to setup a Maven/Eclipse environment? I
> know there is a goal to produce an eclipse project with the pom, but I'm
> trying to understand how to create one at hand, customise and include it's
> dependencies.
> I have created 2 projects, "appTest" and "appCommon". The main project is
> "appTest" that depends on "appCommon".
> The source directories are the default Maven (src/main/java) and that
> directory is configured as "source" in eclipse, so it can compile the code.
> Then I've configured a specific directory "build" (same level as the "src"
> above), that eclipse will use to put the compiled classes (this folder will
> be ignored for SVN/CVS integration).
> Everything looks great, and works nicelly. Or so it seems ...
> No let's say I put a dependency on version Log4J 1.0. I make some code
> accessing it, then eclipse will just mark it as invalid, since the Log4J is
> not in it's classpath. Maven, on the other end, downloads it from central
> repository and compiles successfully.
> Now what would be the best way to put it to compile in eclipse?
> The way I see it, I can include it in the project's classpath, and point it
> to the local repository jar that maven just downloaded.
> Would this be the best option?

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